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Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar stand was inaugurated at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium

Sharjah Cricket Stadium in UAE renamed its West Stand after fabulous batsman Sachin Tendulkar on the occasion of his 50th birthday on April 24, 2023. In a form held on the 24th, Stadium CEO Khalaf Bukhatir unveiled the new banner on the stage’s roof, saying – ‘Sachin Tendulkar Stand’. Master Blaster has many memories of this stadium.

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Exactly 25 years before the stage’s name changed, Tendulkar brought in the ‘Desert Storm’, back-to-back centuries against Australia in the 1998 Coca-Cola Cup. He scored a stunning 143 on April 22, followed by 134 on his 25th birthday in the tri-series, which also featured New Zealand. Read More: Sachin Tendulkar stand was inaugurated at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium

Sachin’s comment on the news is “I wish I was there. But unfortunately, I had previous commitments. Playing in Sharjah has always been a great experience. From the stimulating atmosphere to the love, affection, and support, Sharjah has been a special venue for Indian cricket fans and fans of the game, around the globe.”

The Sharjah stadium is special for Sachin Tendulkar in another way. Out of the record 49 centuries, he has scored each over the world. Seven of them have come to the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

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