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Rishabh Pant IPL Ban Fallout: Delhi Capitals' Dilemma

Rishabh Pant IPL Ban Fallout: Delhi Capitals’ Dilemma

Rishabh Pant, leading the Delhi Capitals (DC) as captain, faced a significant penalty of ₹12 lakh on 1 April for breaching the IPL Code of Conduct due to a slow over-rate during their match against the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in Visakhapatnam. Despite DC’s victory in this encounter, Pant’s team was penalized due to the prolonged duration of their bowling innings.

Repeat Offence Consequences: What Happens Next?

If Rishabh Pant commits another slow over-rate offense, the consequences escalate considerably. A repeat offense will result in a fine of ₹30 lakh imposed on the captain, accompanied by a one-match ban. Additionally, all team members, excluding the captain, will face a penalty amounting to 50% of their match fees or ₹12 lakh, whichever is less. These penalties for slow over rates will persist and intensify with each subsequent offense.

Understanding the IPL Rulebook on Over Rates

The IPL rulebook stipulates a minimum over-rate requirement for matches. According to the regulations, the targeted over rate in IPL Matches stands at 14.11 overs per hour, excluding time-outs. In a full 20-over match, the 20th over should conclude within 90 minutes from the start of the innings (comprising 85 minutes of

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actual playing time plus a 5-minute time-out).

In scenarios involving delayed or interrupted matches where the innings are shortened to less than 20 overs, the allotted time of 90 minutes is adjusted based on the reduction in overs. For each over-reduced, the maximum time limit decreases by 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

Factors Affecting Over Rate Calculation

The IPL rulebook incorporates several factors that influence the calculation of the actual over rate during a match. These factors include:

  • Time lost due to medical treatment administered to a player on the field by authorized medical personnel.
  • Time taken when a player leaves the field due to a serious injury.
  • Duration consumed by third umpire referrals, consultations, and reviews by umpires or players.
  • Time was lost as a result of the batting side’s time wasting.
  • Any other unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the control of the fielding team.

In conclusion, Rishabh Pant and the Delhi Capitals must adhere to the IPL’s stringent over-rate regulations to avoid severe penalties and maintain the integrity of the game. Compliance with these rules not only ensures fair play but also upholds the spirit of competition in the IPL.

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