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IPL Franchises Offer INR 50 Crore to Convince 6 Top England Cricketers to Quit International Cricket

IPL Franchises Offer INR 50 Crore to Convince 6 Top England Cricketers to Quit International Cricket

According to a report in PTI via the ‘Times London’, possessors of some of the top Indian Premier League are looking to offer an extravagant multi-million Pounds deal to six premiers England players. They will ask players to quit International Cricket and play Franchise League Cricket throughout the year.

The numbers being reported are nearly 5 million pounds, which roughly equates to INR 50 crore.

Almost 10 IPL Franchises are now trying their sides in the International requests, backing franchises across the globe. These are including the Caribbean Premier League, the SA T20 League in South Africa, the ILT20 League of UAE, and the forthcoming Major League Cricket in the USA.

The original report from ‘Times London’ did not mention which franchises are in the fray of immolation multi-million contracts to the top England cricketers. There was no citation of which players are involved in the discussion, moreover. Read Also: Delhi Capitals issues ‘Code of Conduct’ for its players

Later on, there has been a lot of buzz about Saudi Arabia planning to launch the ‘richest T20 league’ in the world. This could potentially interest the IPL franchise as well. The Times’ report quoted, “Original conversations have taken place after at least six English players, including some transnational stars, were approached by IPL franchise possessors and asked whether, in principle, they would accept a deal that would make an Indian platoon their main employer, rather than the ECB or an English county.”

” This development follows conversations among players’ unions around the world about the implicit counteraccusations of 12-month franchise contracts, which would be a significant step towards the football model of elite players being primarily

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contracted to their platoon and released for transnational duty, rather than the other way around,” read the report further. ” One source informed The Times that contract offers could come at the earliest, by the end of the time,” it added.

With T20 set to stick around and only get bigger with each fleeting time, one cannot rule out such a possibility, ICC has also been planning to put a cap on how numerous leagues a certain player can play in a timetabled time. The only stumbling block which would stop players from giving up their periodic central contracts altogether would be the NOCs needed from the justice boards to share in a league.

” The probability of such a model being backed has grown in recent times. As some IPL franchise possessors have bought stakes in several T20 events in the UAE, South Africa, the Caribbean, and now the United States with the new Major League Cricket adventure. It begins in July,” the review has quoted as saying. “conversations have started with some high-profile Australian players about full-time deals. But this has been offered to English players. Contracts could be worth overhead of GBP 2 million a time and indeed as high as GBP 5 million further than five times the value of the loftiest England centralized contracts.” ” Compact IPL deals casing at least three rounds would also be on offer. It’s doubtful that any of England’s Test stars will walk down from their central contracts in favor of a franchise contract but the sheer quantum of plutocrats on offer makes that a threat in the future.”

“What’s more likely is that players will arrange” bespoke” deals depending on their circumstances. This could distress them being partially contracted to their county or the ECB and partially contracted to a franchise.”


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