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Delhi Capitals issues ‘Code of Conduct' for its players

Delhi Capitals issues ‘Code of Conduct’ for its players

Delhi’s IPL franchise Delhi Capitals (DC) have decided to put a rigorous law of Conduct for its players of the team. This happened after one of the players reportedly acted out with a woman at a franchise party.

Surely, the incident took place during a party organized by the franchise following the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad which took place on Monday, April 24.

The operation took heed of the situation and enforced certain guidelines, taking authorization for callers to pierce player apartments. DC has taken necessary action to avoid such a script in the future. According to the law of conduct, players are no longer allowed to bring their familiarity post 10 pm and any breach of the mentioned law will affect either termination of contract or a penalty.

It’s worth mentioning that the players and support staff are allowed to bring women, ladyloves to travel with the team.

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still, as per the norm, players and support staff have to bear the trip charges of their mates.

Also, the players have to notify the franchise officers previous to their members joining the team. Any breach of the law might affect in a fine or indeed termination of the contract “Players can no longer bring their families to their apartments post 10 pm. In case they wish to entertain their guests, it should be in the team hostel’s eatery or coffee shop.

The players also need to inform the franchise officers when they wish to leave their hostel to meet someone. Any breach of the law might affect in a fine or indeed termination of the contract.” read the law of Conduct as per the report of Indian Express. Read Also: BCCI Announces Annual Contract List With Harmanpreet, Mandhana & Deepti in Top Grade

Following a disastrous launch to the IPL 2023 crusade with five losses on the witch, David Warner and Co. have won their last two institutions. After winning their last match against the Sunrisers at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad on April 24. The two sides will lock horns again on Saturday, April 29. DC will look to maintain their winning run and keep their instigation complete in the top league.


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