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ID247News is a proud partner of the CCL 2023

ID247 News is a proud partner of the CCL 2023

The Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), India’s premier sporting event, is back again with a new, makeover season. CCL was the first attempt to unite all Indian celebrities on one platform when it launched a decade ago and this season is no different. Cricket matches between 8 teams from 8 states are played for the famous CCL 2023 trophy.

For ID247 news, it’s a prestigious moment to be a proud partner of the CCL.

ID247 news is India’s most appreciable and authentic online resource for sporting updates, match analysis & summaries, and Highlights of every international game.

ID247 News is delighted to promote the 4 great teams of this mega sporting event- Chennai Rhinos, Telugu Warriors, Kerala Strikers, and Karnataka Bulldozers.

After a three-year pause due to the pandemic, India’s top sports league is back with a brand new, revamped, and reinvented season – CCL Reloaded. This season, teams from 8 different regions of the country will participate, giving the league an all-Indian presence. The six cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Chennai, Cochin, and Raipur will host 19 games.

 The popular CCL Cup will be up for grabs between the following teams: Mumbai Heroes, Chennai Rhinos, Telugu Warriors, Bhojpuri Dabanggs, Kerala Strikers, Bengal Tigers, Karnataka Bulldozers, and Punjab De Sher are just some of the teams in the

Custom Image expected to bring plenty of excitement to viewers this season as over 150 celebrities and influencers are linked directly and indirectly to the league.

The event will be live and exclusively on the ZEE TV network on 7 different channels. “We are thrilled to partner with CCL 2023 and bring fans the excitement and entertainment they’ve been missing,” said broadcaster Rahul Johri. “This season is going to be bigger and better than ever, with a new format and a huge line-up of talented and famous players.”

Another sponsor Mayank Shah said: “CCL has always been a platform that brings sports and entertainment together, we’ve been working on this for 10 years and can’t wait to see what this season will bring.” CCL is a pioneer of the sport in India and we are proud to bring it back to our fans,” said league owner Vishnu Induri. “This season demonstrates our commitment to providing fans and players with the best possible experience.” Read More: Sunil Narine becomes the Brand Ambassador of ID247.

In previous seasons stadiums in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai were packed and the current trend suggests that similar crowds can be expected in other centers. More sponsors are expected to join in the coming days.


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