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Los Angeles Olympics 2028

Cricket among 5 games included in Los Angeles 2028 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee members cast two “no” votes for each of the five games, including cricket, baseball-softball, lacrosse, and squash, during an IOC meeting in Mumbai, India, when they were declared for the Olympic Games in Los Angeles 2028 as the only package.

In Short
Cricket, baseball-softball, lacrosse, and squash were among the 5 games supported for 2028 Olympics
The 5 games which were suggested by the IOC board were endorsed on Monday
The last gesture came during a democratic cycle in the IOC meeting in Mumbai
Cricket is an Olympic game once more. Flag football gets in interestingly.

Five games were at last added to the 2028 Los Angeles Games by the International Olympic Committee on Monday with baseball-softball, lacrosse and squash additionally declared for the program.

The record of sports proposed by Los Angeles authorities the week prior. And suggested by the IOC chief board on Friday cleaned a last obstacle Monday off of the Olympic body’s full enrollment.

All five were voted in as

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a single package, with approximately 90 IOC members in the room in Mumbai, India, casting two “no” votes.

The International Olympic Committee first granted cricket Olympic status in 1900 in the key regions of the sport. Where they held annual meetings, while India hosted the Cricket World Cup.

The addition of cricket to the Olympic program is expected to increase the value of India’s broadcasting rights for the IOC by over $100 million.

The Olympic competitions for people ought to each have six groups playing the abbreviated and dynamic Twenty20 configuration.

Banner football and baseball-softball ought to put NFL and MLB players on the Olympic stage in five years’ time.

Football in its full-contact structure was an exhibit sport at the 1932 Olympics. When Los Angeles originally facilitated the Late spring Games.

“We need LA 2028 to have a similar springboard impact for our five games,”. Coordinating board of trustees executive Casey Wasserman told IOC individuals.

Lacrosse was two times played at the Olympics, however not beginning around 1908. And will be at LA in a six-a-side configuration. Squash will make its presentation.


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