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Angry fans throw stuffed animals as a protest to the Government's reply to the earthquake-affected citizen's help

Angry fans throw stuffed animals as a protest to the Government’s reply to the earthquake-affected citizen’s help

On Sunday, during a game between Beşiktaş and Antalyaspor, soccer suckers threw stuffed creatures onto the field as a sign of sympathy for children affected by the Turkey earthquake. The game was breaking at four twinkles and 17 seconds to coincide with the timing of the earthquake that passed in southeast Turkey on February 6 at 417a.m. original time. 

Stuffed Toys Rain Down on Field

During Turkey Soccer Match at Vodafone Park, sympathizers swamped the colosseum with teddy bears and other stuffed toys of all shapes and sizes. Beşiktaş will give them to the youths affected by the earthquake, which has claimed the lives of nearly 50,000 people in Turkey and Syria. Read More: Meg Lanning leaves behind Ponting and Dhoni with the most successful ICC record as captain

CNN reported that the scoreboard screen revealed the license plate figures of the eleven earthquake-affected businesses in Turkey as players rushed to get the stuffed toys. In opposition to the government’s perceived belatedness and shy response to the accident, some Besiktas sympathizers also screamed,” government abdicates.” People in certain places claimed that there were no coordinated relief

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operations. That it took a long time to recoup hundreds of dead, which spread the stink of death.  

Devlet Bahçeli, the leader of the Nationalist Movement Party(MHP), and the coalition mate of Turkish. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan demanded that soccer matches be played without observers in response to the anti-government shouts. He also terminated his class with Beşiktaş. On Saturday, Fenerbahçe sympathizers also cried expressions demanding the government’s abdication.

Around the 4- nanosecond and a 17-alternate mark of the Turkish Super Lig game in Istanbul’s Vodafone Park, Besiktas suckers were allowed to throw the bestowed toys and downtime clothes onto the field as a solemn homage to the first earthquake that struck Turkey on February 6 at 417a.m. Subsequently, the platoon participated in a videotape of workers packing the gifts into plastic bags for delivery. Besiktas planned the” This toy is my friend” event to give” morale to the children” affected by the earthquakes.

The report said that during the game, supporters united in anti-government chants focused on Turkey’s reply to the earthquakes, which many people have considered insufficient.

Erdogan has urged the residents of a highly sensitive (quake-proven) region of Turkey to be patient. The rescue efforts stay delayed, amid increasing disappointment about the government’s response.


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