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Prithvi Shaw selfie controversy

A new turn in the Prithvi Shaw selfie controversy

Sapna claims of assault by Prithvi and friends

Oshiwara police have charged a woman out of 8 people, charged by for vandalizing Prithvi Shaw’s friend’s car. She also claimed Prithvi Shaw cricketer and his friends of provoking first.

They came after Shaw refused to take selfies while having dinner with his friends at a 5-star hotel.

There is a new twist on the Prithvi Shaw selfie controversy in Mumbai. A woman has claimed that Prithvi Shaw and his friends assaulted her. Sana, alias Sapna Gill, claimed that Prithvi Shaw was carrying a stick while they attacked her.

Sapna Gill’s lawyer, Ali Kashif Khan, Police disallowed her for medical tests. Now, she is at Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai. “Prithvi attacked Sapna. Prithvi had a stick with him. Prithvi’s friends attacked the group first.”

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Sapna is currently at the Oshiwara Police Station. Oshiwara Police booked 8 people including Sapna Gill for attacking Prithvi Shaw’s friend Ashish Surendra Yadav’s car outside a 5-star hotel in Mumbai following Ashish’s complaint.

The fight came after Sapna Gill and her boyfriend Shobhit Thakur approached Prithvi Shaw to take selfies as the Indian cricketer had dinner with friends. At first, Shaw gave the selfies but refused further photos when the defendant returned with further requests. Shaw declined, saying he had come to eat with his friends and don’t want any disturbance. Prithvi’s friend had to ask the hotel manager for help when the group of people continued to insist.

The hotel manager intervened and ordered the defendants to leave the premises. So, they got angry. While Prithvi and his friends were leaving the hotel after dinner, they saw the defendant standing with baseball bats.

Report details

According to the police report, the defendant smashed the front and rear windows of Prithvi’s friend’s car.

Ashish also said in his complaint that the group of people followed his car and blocked them near a gas pump. According to the complaint, the group threatened to sue Prithvi and his friends with bogus lawsuits, if they will not pay Rs. 50,000.


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