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Yami Gautam, OMG 2-star actress, responds as a netizen claims she's 'under-utilized by filmmakers' in Bollywood.

Yami Gautam, OMG 2-star actress, responds as a netizen claims she’s ‘under-utilized by filmmakers’ in Bollywood.

In Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2, Yami Gautam holds a crucial role. She recently used her social media platform to acknowledge a fan’s compliment on her performance.

Yami Gautam portrays a resolute lawyer in the newly debuted movie OMG 2. Following a prolonged struggle with the CBFC, the film hit theaters on August 11. Engaging with her social media, the actress acknowledged a fan’s accolade for her role in the Akshay Kumar-led film.

Three essential facts you should be aware of:

  • Yami Gautam holds a crucial role in “OMG 2” movie.
  • The film premiered on the same day as Sunny Deol‘s “Gadar 2.”
  • Yami Gautam shares the screen with Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi in “OMG 2.”

Yami Gautam acknowledges that certain individuals excel in marketing.

Yami Gautam’s role in “OMG 2” has garnered acclaim,

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prompting a fan on their X platform (previously known as Twitter) to express their admiration. In response, the actress acknowledged the praise, stating that her strength as an actor lies in meticulously selecting compelling scripts and diverse roles. She emphasized her inclination towards substance over self-promotion, asserting that she has never relied on ‘marketing’ herself or her abilities.

The actress went on to elaborate, stating, “I don’t particularly comprehend or engage extensively in the marketing of my skills. Regrettably, a significant portion of our industry revolves around promoting individuals or projects rather than delving into the intricacies of a script or character.” She identified this as a factor contributing to the perception of her being “under-utilized.” Furthermore, she reassured her fan that she’s on a steady path, gradually making her way forward, film by film.

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