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UWW lifts suspension of WFI with immediate effect.

UWW, the world’s governing body of wrestling, on Tuesday lifted the suspension of the Wrestling Federation of India with immediate effect.

This means that Indian wrestlers will be able to compete under their national banner at other UWW events. Due to the suspension, Indian wrestlers will compete under the UWW banner.

The United World Wrestling temporarily suspended the WFI on August 23 last year after the Indian union failed to vote on time. The UWW Disciplinary Chamber decided that it had sufficient grounds to bring about a temporary suspension, because the situation in the government lasted at least six months.

The UWW Board met on February 9 to review the suspension, among other things, and, taking into account all the information, decided to lift the suspension under the following conditions:

The WFI must re-elect the Athletes’ Commission. Applicants for this committee must be active or retired athletes for a maximum of four years. Voters will be players only. These

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elections will take place during any high-level national exams or competitions where this activity can take place, but will open no later than July 1, 2024.

The WFI must immediately provide written assurance to the UWW that it will consider all wrestlers for participation without any discrimination in all WFI events, particularly the trials for the Olympic Games and any other national and international events. This non-discrimination includes three athletes who complained about the former president’s alleged wrongdoing.

The UWW remains in contact with the wrestlers and will follow up with them in the coming days, the organization said. Responding to United World Wrestling’s decision, WFI President Sanjay Singh said: “I accept this decision of the UWW. The ad hoc committee is not necessary now.”

“We have been recognized by the government and my suspension is over. Therefore, seeking legal advice has no meaning for us,” added Singh, who wanted to take legal action amid his problems with the ad hoc committee.

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