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The journey of KKR’s Rinku Singh is from Zero to Hero

The journey of KKR’s Rinku Singh is from Zero to Hero

Kolkata Knight Riders star Rinku Singh was about to do a sweeper’s job before deciding to pursue his dream of becoming a professional cricketer. The rest is history. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most popular T20 league in the world, not only for its attractiveness, clashes, full stadiums, and cricket riches but also because it is an upgraded platform regardless of all offerings.

The story of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) drummer Rinku Singh is one of the brightest examples of how the IPL can lift someone from extreme poverty to glory. While the 2022 IPL season showed a taste of what Rinku can do with a racquet, the 2023 season gave the world a real example of what he’s capable of. The 25-year-old comes from the simplest of circumstances.

But even the hard life that Rinku and his parents had to endure didn’t make the prodigy lose the big smile that can still be seen on his face. Following KKR’s historic victory over defending champions Gujarat Titans on Sunday, he said against the odds he hasn’t lost his confidence as he scored 28 runs from his last 5 balls.

The situation on the pitch wasn’t much different from his life, where he had little chance of becoming a professional cricketer, but just like in the game against Gujarat, the ever-smiling Rinku has overcome all difficulties and is on the way to success

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much more than before. His father, Khanchand Singh, is a gas cylinder delivery man who used to transport cylinders on his bicycle and, with the help of his eldest sons, went from house to house to deliver them. He still lives with his wife Vina in a dingy two-room apartment next to a gas bottle depot.

They also offered Rinku the to become a sweeper along with his brother and earn a living by sweeping houses. But this man always believed he had the potential for cricket and saw the game as his only escape from the clutches of poverty. “When I was just starting and wasn’t playing cricket, I was asked to work for my brother. I got a job as a sweeper and dishwasher in a training center. I turned it down because I didn’t like the job,” Rinku said in a video shared by KKR. “I told everyone I was going to play cricket and I stayed. I wasn’t very good either, but I’ve always believed in cricket.” This would help me. I had no choice, so I turned my full attention to cricket. I’ve worked very hard and all of that effort is paying off.”

After KKR’s historic win over the defending champions, the Gujarat Titans said on Sunday they hadn’t lost their confidence to score 28 runs from their last 5 balls despite the odds against them. The situation on the pitch was a little different from his life, where the chances of becoming a professional cricketer were slim.

But just like in the game against Gujarat, the ever-smiling Rinku has beaten all odds and is well on his way to achieving much more than he has done so far.


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