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Sonakshi Sinha Wears Her Mother's Vintage Sari and Jewelry on Her Wedding Day

Sonakshi Sinha Wears Her Mother’s Vintage Sari and Jewelry on Her Wedding Day

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal have tied the knot. And their love shines through the heartfelt photos from their signing ceremony. Surrounded by family and close friends, the couple shared their joyous occasion with fans. And followers on Instagram, showcasing their special day.

A Date to Remember: June 23

June 23 has become a cherished date for Sonakshi and Zaheer, marking the day they officially committed to each other. The newlyweds looked stunning in pastel shades, with Zaheer wearing an elegant, embroidered white kurta that perfectly complemented Sonakshi’s beautiful bridal attire, which was both stylish and sustainable.

A Vintage Touch: Sonakshi’s Elegant Saree

Sonakshi epitomized grace and sophistication in a simple yet chic saree. News18 reports that this saree is a vintage piece from her mother, Poonam Sinha’s collection. The intricate embroidery of the saree added a touch of minimalistic elegance to Sonakshi’s intimate wedding celebrations. Paired with a straightforward striped blouse, the look was both timeless and contemporary.

Jewelry with Sentimental Value

Adding to her vintage look, Sonakshi wore a pearl necklace adorned with precious stones, also from her mother’s collection. This piece brought a subtle sparkle to her understated style. Her hair, styled in a bun and decorated with fresh white roses, along with minimal makeup, allowed her natural bridal glow to

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shine through, making her the center of attention.

A Heartfelt Statement from the Couple

The newlyweds shared a touching statement: “On this very day, seven years back (23.06.2017) in each other’s eyes, we saw love in its purest form and decided to hold on to it. Today, that love has guided us through all the challenges and triumphs, leading up to this moment where, with the blessings of both our families and both our gods, we are now man and wife. Here’s to love, hope, and all things beautiful with each other, from now until forever.”

Celebrating with Loved Ones

The presence of Sonakshi’s parents graced the ceremony, Shatrughan Sinha and Poonam Sinha, as well as Zaheer Iqbal’s father, Iqbal Ratansi, and his sister, Sanam Ratansi. Friends from the film industry, including Huma Qureshi, Saqib Saleem, Aditi Rao Hydari, and Siddharth, also attended the joyous event.

Looking Forward to the Grand Celebration

The couple plans to celebrate their wedding with a grand party, expecting many friends from the film industry to join them. Anticipation is high to see what Sonakshi and Zaheer will wear for their reception party, as they continue celebrating their union with style and elegance.

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