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Sheetal Devi

Sheetal Devi armless archer picks silver at Hangzhou Asian Para Games

At the Para World Archery Championships, Sheetal Devi became the first woman without an arm to win a medal. Know about Sheetal Devi, the Asian Para Games silver medallist.

Now that the para-athletes have achieved such great success in the Asian Games 2022, all eyes are on them to win at the Para Asian Games. Teams like Athletics, Shooting, Canoe, Archery, and others have proven to be strong medal hunters, and so far it has been placing medals for Team India.

3 things you need to know

• Sheetal Devi won the silver medal in the Asian Para Games women’s doubles compound event.

• PM Modi congratulated Sarita and Sheetal Devi.

• Sheetal is the first female athlete at the Para World Archery Championships without an arm to win a medal.

PM Modi congratulates Sheetal Devi

Every time an international competition such as the Asian Games or the Olympics takes place, athletes showcase their talent and get a lot of attention. Also, if athletes are to be categorized.

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Para-athletes are the ones who have the most potential to inspire a whole generation. As a result of hearing about and experiencing the greatness of para-Olympians like Deepa Malik and Mariyappan Thangavelu throughout the years, more figures are becoming to fit into this category.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also praised Sheetal Devi, one of the additions, for her magnificence. Sarita did a fantastic job throughout the competition in the women’s compound event in archery, earning the silver medal.

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Who is Sheetal Devi?

The 16-year-old Indian wonder girl, who made history in July by becoming the first armless woman to win a medal in the Para World Archery Championships. teamed up with her teammate Sarita to win the Silver medal in the women’s doubles compound event on Wednesday at the Asian Para Games.

Sheetal fought her war at a young age, much like para-athletes who must overcome great obstacles. At birth, Sheetal was diagnosed with phocomelia syndrome, a disorder that results in underdeveloped limbs.


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