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Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi gives an autograph to fan on the Indian flag, video breaks the internet.

The sportsman with a big heart is what always is said for Shahid Afridi, & the man has again proved that the title rightfully belongs to him as he has displayed exemplary sportsmanship & approach towards a national flag not belonging to his country. Currently, he is playing as the captain of the Asia Lions in the star-studded tournament in the Legends League cricket.

The incident where he signed the Indian national flag for security personnel is lauded as a gesture of harmony between India & Pakistan. The incident occurred right after Afridi was leaving after the match between Asia Lions & India Maharajas, a security personnel approached him in the team bus with the flag for an autograph. He obliged respectfully & carefully gave an autograph on the flag, and the video of the said incident went viral on social media.

In the Legend League Cricket tournament in Doha, Qatar, Shahid Afridi is currently heading the Asia

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Lions as captain & under his captaincy, the team has not only performed well but was also able to defeat India Maharajas with an 85-run victory over them. With this win, Asia Lions entered the finals but the sweet gesture from Afridi towards the fan hogged the maximum limelight & took away the attention.

Not only Indian but the Pakistani fans too were impressed by his noble gesture. But as always the case, the social media pupils were divided into two different opinions some lauded Afridi while others said that while signing the autograph he must have taken care to not place the flag on his lap. This did not go down well with many & was considered an insult to the Indian national flag.

A Twitter user said, “The fan should have given something else for photograph. It’s utter disrespect to Indian Flag.” Another user mentioned, “noble gesture for the peace & harmony of India & Pakistan.”

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