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sachin tendulkar with trophy

Sachin Tendulkar predicts semifinal line-up at CWC23

Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar has anticipated the four groups he accepts will arrive at the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup 2023 in India.

Tendulkar tipped the four semi-finalists while addressing the ICC toward the beginning of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 in the wake of completing the trophy onto the pitch to flag the beginning of the occasion in India.


“It was a dreamlike experience to do that prize on the field,” Tendulkar said.

“We wound up playing here, a quarter-final against Australia, and that evening was an exceptional night for us. To return here, same arena, 12 years down the line.

“Something pleasant has happened as a matter of fact. Before 2011, no host country had won the competition. Post that, all home countries have won. India’s facilitating thus, keeping those fingers crossed.”

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The World Cup victor accepts that India can rehash their noteworthy exertion on home soil from 2011.

“I trust in this way, in light of the fact that our group is playing great cricket, and assuming the group keeps on keeping things straightforward and stick to essentials, they have the ammo,” Tendulkar said.

“We have a solid batting line-up,

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an excellent all-round bowling assault, we have great equilibrium.”

Concerning the four groups that Tendulkar accepts the host country is sure to make the semi-finals.

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“India undoubtedly. We have an incredibly, great, adjusted group,” Tendulkar told Tanvi Shah, ICC’s Computerized Insider.
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“So is the situation with Australia, I feel they have a reasonable group.

“The third one I would agree that would be Britain. Britain again is an exceptionally impressive group, with a mix of involvement and a few new faces.

“My fourth group would be New Zealand. They have played the finals in 2015 and 2019. Assuming you take a gander at their history, New Zealand in big showdowns have consistently gotten along nicely and I see them getting to the semis.”

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The Dark Covers began their competition well, supporting Tendulkar’s attestation that they perform well in World Cups by pounding Britain by nine wickets in the initial match of the World Cup.

Tendulkar’s third pick, Britain, has work to do, in spite of the fact that they qualified for the last four out of 2019 regardless of losing three matches, and proceeded to win the competition.

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