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Rinku Singh

Rinku Singh funding big to build a hostel for the under-privileged cricketers

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has spawned many rich-to-rich stories over the years. Since its inception in 2008, the league has not only spotted talent but also turned them into millionaires through its franchises and pumped money into these up-and-coming cricketers.  However, it’s hard to find a story where a young man yet to make his debut in India decides to return to the sport that changed his life forever.

Rinku Singh, who manages the Kolkata Knight Riders‘ trading in the league, will set the standard in this regard. The Uttar Pradesh batsman became national toast when he hit five straight sixes in the final a few days ago to give his side an unlikely win. Rinku might not be among the highest-paid cricketers in the IPL, but that didn’t stop him from setting up a hostel for aspiring cricketers who wanted to be successful but couldn’t achieve RCB their dreams due to financial constraints.

Coming from a humble family where his father Khan Chandra Singh supplied LPG cylinders and his brothers Sonu (rickshaw driver) and Mukul (wiper of the training center) were forced to help make ends meet. Life for Rinku was in his first years as a clerk, not an aspiring cricketer. Learning with the difficulties he has faced, the versatile player who is also a right-hander has always thought a smooth run for talented young players. His dream will come true when the hostel opens next month.  “He always desired to construct a hostel for young players who don’t have the economic means to

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follow their dreams. Now that he is in a good financial situation, he thought this would happen,” said Masooduz-Zafar Amini, childhood coach of Rinku told the media. Read Also: RCB Vs CSK: Virat or Dhoni, who is best in the IPL?

Rinku made his debut for Ranji in 2016 and was picked up by Kings XI Punjab the following year. The Kolkata franchise bought him for 80 lakhs in 2018 and has been playing for them ever since. Amini began training Rinku around 12-13 years ago and has witnessed his struggles and rise to fame. The Headmaster now runs the Aligarh Cricket School and Academy on 15 acres of land owned by the District Association. Read Also:

Rinku’s older brother Sonu, who will take care of the hostel’s day-to-day affairs, is delighted that his brother’s dream is finally coming true. “We supplied gas cylinders together when our father couldn’t, but we always wanted him to focus on cricket. The sacrifices we made have paid off as he not only lifted us out of poverty but also decided to build a players’ home for poor cricketers.” Sonu told this newspaper. The academy currently has trainees from nearby towns living in rented houses. Since most of them come from humble backgrounds, the hostel helps them to get accommodation at a minimal price. “About a dozen of our trainees will move into the dormitory. They currently pay a considerable rent, but get room and board here at a low cost. Also, they don’t have to waste time or money on traveling,” said the coach. A small gym is also planned in the complex. “Almost 90 percent of the work is done. Next month, the Hostel-complex will be ready. Rinku will inaugurate it as soon as he returns from the IPL. Hopefully, this facility will make life easier for these young people,” the technician dismissed.


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