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List of Highest Scores in IPL History (2008-2023)

List of Highest Scores in IPL History (2008-2023)

The Indian Premier League is popular for its large scoreboard numbers, but occasionally they are ahead of an ODI match. Let us Check also the topmost scores in IPL history from 2008 to 2023. The Indian Premier League is a short-format, T20 cricket event known for its provocative game and explosive batting. High-run targets aren’t uncommon in the IPL. It’s considered poor trouble if teams fail to score over 200 runs on certain grounds.

But sometimes teams take it up a notch and register humungous targets that feel like ODI- scoring targets. Some most popular grounds, Eden Garden Stadium in Kolkata and M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore are notorious for being run mine and a graveyard for bowlers. Innumerable times, teams have indeed chased down targets above 200 runs on similar grounds. We can relate to the biggest scoring numbers recorded on the scoreboard in IPL history and per season. Let us review then the list of the biggest scores ever in the IPL.

Mighty IPL
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Team Scores (2008- 2023)

The record for the topmost IPL total goes to the Royal contenders Bangalore for a massive 263/5 runs in a single inning. In this match, Chris Gayle butchered the opposition and smashed Pune dogface’s bowlers to score a major 175-run brummagem in just 66 balls. RCB has included 5 times in the list with Chennai Super Kings. Lucknow Super Giants came near to catching RCB’s gigantic record in 2023 with their blistering innings of 257/5 against Kings XI Punjab. Have a look at the list with match-wise details Loftiest Run Total in IPL 2023 The 2023 Indian Premier League has witnessed multiple 200-plus totals on the scoreboards. Brigades have indeed chased enormous scores to win games.
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Still, the mighty team score in the 2023 Tata IPL belongs to Lucknow Super Giants. Lucknow Super Giants created history in IPL 2023 after scoring a monumental 257-run aggregate in 20 overs at the loss of just five wickets. They nearly came near to breaking RCB’s near-untouchable record. Chennai Super Kings have the alternate highest IPL run aggregate of 2023.

CSK played against rivals Kolkata Knight Riders in their home ground of Eden Garden Stadium and registered 235 runs on the scoreboard batting first.

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