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ICC Unveils Three Cricket Rule Changes

ICC Unveils Three Cricket Rule Changes

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has recently unveiled three new rules, and it is worth exploring what these rules entail and whether teams should be concerned about their implications.

Let’s check which rules are unveiled below –

International Cricket Council (ICC)
has removed the requirement for umpires to provide soft signals when referring decisions to the third umpire or TV umpire. Previously, umpires would provide their recommendation before referring to the decision. With this change, the third umpire can make their decision without any preconceived notions. While this update may not significantly impact the current practice, it eliminates the need for soft signals in cricket.

Safety gear, particularly helmets, plays a crucial role in protecting batsmen and fielders in specific positions during cricket matches. Batsmen facing fast bowlers and wicketkeepers standing up to the stumps against pace bowlers are required to wear appropriate headgear. This rule also applies to fielders in close proximity. The committee has emphasized its dedication to player safety by implementing this regulation. Read Also: Yashasvi Jaiswal breaks IPL record for the fastest half-century; smashes 50 in 13 balls against KKR

The third rule change introduces an intriguing concept. Under this rule, if the wicket is hit during a free-hit opportunity and the batsman successfully takes run(s), those run(s) will now be counted towards the batter’s score. This rule adjustment is expected to provide an advantage to the batting team.
The newly announced rules will come into effect during the upcoming Lord’s game, a four-day one-off Test match between England and Ireland starting from June 1. Furthermore, these rule changes will also be implemented in the highly anticipated World Test Championship final between India and Australia, which is scheduled to begin on June 7.

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