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Hasan Ali

Hasan Ali makes Melbourne crowd dance with him in 2nd AUS vs PAK 2023 Test

Pakistani fast bowler Hasan Ali turned the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) into a dance floor during the One Day Test against Australia.


The Pakistani pacer, who is known for his exciting dance moves on the field, had some of the crowd dancing behind him. This incident happened during the 53rd over of Australia’s second over, when Ali was playing on the boundary.

Aamer Jamal covered the top, and Hasan Ali, standing on the boundary, played some funny tricks. Ali suddenly started doing something, and the crowd joined in and imitated him with enthusiasm. Cricket Australia shared the video on social media, and it soon went viral, garnering reactions from cricket fans across the world. Steven Smith, the Australian batsman, laughed when he saw this. Returning to cricket, Pakistan lost the first Test and struggled to come back in the second. The runner is the best position during the game for many

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reasons. Earlier, Ali moved with the MCG crowd, leaving his signature on a fan’s forehead. The 29-year-old scattered pigeons, grounding them during the test. Talking about Ali’s performance in ongoing Tests. He took two wickets in the first innings but did not take any in the second innings. He managed to take out Usman Khawaja and Nathan Lyon in 24 overs.

After the first Test, Ali responded to criticism from Pakistan critics about the lack of pace of Pakistan’s bowlers during the three-match Test series. He said: “I don’t know who stopped the pace because I never focused on the pace. I never played 150 kmph, I  think it’s best to stick to the area around the top of the thigh. I haven’t heard any rumors of the pace dropping and we’re not worried about it. We’re focused on the game, that’s where it should be.”

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