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Rajon Rondo

Ex-NBA guard Rajon Rondo arrested on gun, drug charges in Indiana.

Rajon Rondo, the two-time NBA champion and University of Kentucky basketball legend, has been arrested in Indiana on multiple felonies, including marijuana and gun charges, Indiana police said.

Rondo was arrested in Jackson County, Indiana, WDRB broke the news in Louisville and spoke to Indiana State Police. Former University of Kentucky and NBA basketball player Rajon Rondo was arrested Sunday in Indiana for possession of illegal weapons, drug paraphernalia, and marijuana, according to court records and an Indiana State Police spokesman.

Rondo was stopped for a traffic violation in Jackson County, Indiana, on Sunday afternoon and the officer smelled marijuana. Leading to an investigation that turned into a gun. Marijuana counts for “personal use” and drug paraphernalia, said ISP spokesman Sgt. Stephen Wheeles said Monday evening. He is not believed to have a gun because he has a court-ordered restraining order against him. All these charges are wrong.

Rondo posted bond
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that night and got out of jail.

He grew up and played high school football in Louisville before playing college football at the University of Kentucky. Reached the Elite Eight in 2005 and playing 16 NBA seasons winning two titles (Celtics 2008, Lakers 2020). And being a four-time All-Star player and three-time team assists leader. He has been out of the NBA for two years. Rajon Rondo’s possession of a gun is, indeed, a violation of the protection order that is part of a court case against a Louisville-area woman. She claimed that Rondo threatened her and her children, asserting that he had a gun during a fight in 2022. When the case concluded, he filed for additional protection last year, and this order remains active to this day.

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