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Angad Bedi

At the International Athletics Championship, Angad Bedi dedicates his gold medal to his late father, Bishan Singh Bedi

Prior to his victory in the 400m race in Dubai, Angad Bedi had previously earned a silver medal in a tournament held in Mumbai earlier that year.

Bollywood actor and sprinter Angad Bedi achieved a significant milestone on his international sprinting debut at the prestigious Open International Masters 2023 Athletics Championship in Dubai. He clinched a gold medal in the 400m race, completing the distance in 67 seconds. This remarkable victory came just days after the passing of his father. The former Indian cricket team captain, Bishan Singh Bedi. In a heartfelt gesture, Angad dedicated his gold medal to his late father.

Angad Bedi, under the guidance of coach Brinston Miranda, a well-known figure in the world of hurdles racing, began his sprinting journey in his late 30s and early 40s. Prior to his triumph in Dubai, he had already secured a silver medal in a racing tournament held in Mumbai earlier in the year, as reported by The Times of India.

On his official Instagram account, Angad Bedi shared his emotional thoughts about the victory and his father. He expressed, “I didn’t have

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the heart, the courage, or the best physical and mental condition. However, an external force from above motivated me to push through. This gold medal is incredibly special to me. Thank you, Dad, for being with me. I miss you dearly.”

In an interview, Angad Bedi reflected on the significance of his win. And how it pays homage to his father’s principles. He stated, “This victory is a tribute to my father. who always emphasized the importance of letting actions speak for themselves. His wisdom has always been a profound influence on me. I competed in this race because it’s what my father would have wanted. It’s my way of honoring him and his legacy.”

“Spirit of sportsmanship runs in my veins, and I intend to live up to my father’s expectations. This race was my way of paying tribute to him and the values he instilled in me throughout his remarkable life. His spirit will forever be my guiding light. I’m also deeply grateful for Coach Miranda’s mentorship and expertise, which played a pivotal role in my progress,” he added.

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