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Akshay  Kumar

Akshay Kumar’s Emotional Support to Shikhar Dhawan says ‘praying for you to meet your son soon’.

Akshay  Kumar offers his support to Shikhar and tells him that the whole world is praying for him to find his son and be patient for the better.

“I really enjoyed seeing this post. As a father, I know that there is nothing more painful than not being able to see or meet your child. Hausla rakh Shikhar… millions of us are praying that you meet your baby soon. God bless you,” Akshay Kumar wrote in his Instagram story.

In his Instagram post on Thursday, Shikhar, who was granted a divorce in October this year. Revealed that he has been barred from contacting his son for about three months. So this is the only way he can how to express human feelings. “It’s been a year since I saw you in person, and now, almost three months. I’m blocked everywhere, so I’m posting the same picture and wishing you, my son, a wonderful birthday. Although I cannot connect with you

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directly, I connect with you telepathically. I am happy for you and I know you are doing well and growing well ,” he said.

Shikhar sent love and good wishes to his son in this message and said that he will always be with him. The cricketer wished his son the best on his birthday and asked him to be a compassionate and humble person. “Dad still misses and loves you.” It is always good, with a smile waiting for the time when we will meet again by the grace of God. Cruel but not destructive, generous, humble, compassionate, patient and strong. Even if I don’t see you, I text you almost every day, asking you about your well-being and your daily life. Sharing what I’m doing and what’s new in my life. I love you so much Zora, dad,” he added.

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