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What If the IPL 2023 Final Between CSK and GT Get Interrupted Due to Rain?

What If the IPL 2023 Final Between CSK and GT Get Interrupted Due to Rain?

The sports extravaganza that the whole country had been waiting for is finally here, the IPL 2023 Final match. After all the hassles & fights, Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans have finally managed to enter the final match of the IPL 2023. The teams are pumped up & fully prepared for the final match against each other. The strategies the talent the players are all there, it’s just a matter of time before it gets decided who will lift the IPL 2023 trophy.

But there are certain parameters that are not in anyone’s control, like when it rains & the kind of climate the match day sees. On 28th May 2023, the day that was supposed to see the clash between CSK & GT in the IPL 2023 finals, it started raining heavily in Ahmedabad which led to organizers postponing the match to a day later.

Now, the question arises what happens if the rains decide to interrupt the match again, the authorities can’t keep postponing the match owing to so many parameters involved. Under such a scenario, the questions that arise are,

The cut-offs for the rain delay?

In case the rains decide to

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show up again, the match will start to lose overs after 9:36 PM & the length of the match keeps getting shorter with just a 5-over match left up until 12 AM.

What if even the 5 overmatch is not possible?

If that’s the condition the tournament will be decided by super over, the rule says,
“For the Final, in the event that it is not possible to schedule a 5-over match to be completed by the end of the extra time on the reserve day, the teams will, if conditions permit, play a Super Over to determine the winner of the final.”

Who gets to win when even the super-over cannot be played?

It would be a blessing in disguise to Gujarat Titans as under such a scenario, they will be declared the winners because of their superior overall performance in the tournament compared to Chennai Super Kings. The rule says,

“In the event that it is not possible to start the Super Over or to then complete the Super Over without interruption, the team that finished highest in the league table after the 70 matches of the regular season shall be declared the winner of the relevant playoff match or final.”

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