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Wasim Akram comments on Javed Akhtar’s statement on Pakistan

Wasim Akram comments on Javed Akhtar’s statement on Pakistan

Former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram took a shot at Javed Akhtar for the comments he made in Lahore in February this year. Akram commented, “If I were invited to another country, I would find positive things to say about it.”

On February 19 Akhtar attended the 7th Faiz Festival organized in memory of fame Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, at the same event he said that the terrorists responsible for Mumbai’s Hotel Taj bombing were still roaming free in Pakistan. This is not the first time Akhtar has been called out for his remark, earlier Ali Zafar called Akhtar’s comment ‘insensitive, uncalled for.’ Zafar also added that he is proud Pakistani

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& no Pakistani will tolerate such statements against their country.

He took to Instagram to share his disappointment & wrote, “Guys, I love you all and truly value your praise and criticism equally. But I always request one thing-verify fact before reaching any conclusion or judgment. I was not present at the Faiz Mela nor aware of what was said until the next day when I saw it on social media.”

After Akhtar’s comments became viral & headlines, he decided to speak on the same & describing himself as having made, “slightly controversial and sensitive in nature” remarks in India, said he was not afraid to speak his mind in Pakistan.

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