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'That franchise didn't even listen. In 2011, when they came back to me, I said no chance': Virat Kohli's bombshell

‘That franchise didn’t even listen. In 2011, when they came back to me, I said no chance’: Virat Kohli’s bombshell

Team India Run machine Virat Kohli goes hand in hand with IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore. Kohli has represented the Bangalore team since the beginning of the Indian Premier League. Became a key player and the captain. RCB means Kohli, and Kohli means RCB. It’s hard to imagine his RCB without that Kohli name. From 2013 until 2021 he captained the RCB, Kohli has not won a single trophy but has failed to please the team’s fans.

With his uniquely aggressive style of play, Virat has set many records. Every day he helps grow the RCB fan community. Our trip with RCB was great against this backdrop. Virat Kohli’s latest revelation went viral. While mentioning his ties to RCB, he made the shocking statement that he initially wanted to switch to another franchise in that regard. In an interview with Robin Uthappa on the Jio Cinema Show. “It has been a wonderful trip with RCB. Franchisees mean a lot to me. Because they supported me very well on the team during his first three years. Every time there was resistance it was “We will protect you”. After that. I told them the same. “Would

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you like to play for Top Order?” When I play for a team in India, it is 3rd place. I’d like to do that here as well. they said ok. You trusted me and gave me the freedom I wanted. Read Also: Winning IPL cannot open doors for Team India for Sanju Samson, as per ex-selector’s view

In addition to RCB, my international career is also on track. A franchisee contacted me. But they don’t care what I say. At the time, when I was batting in the 5-6 position, I spoke with them. I didn’t mind their reply or ignorance. But in 2011 the same franchise came when I played well for India. They again asked, “Would you like to come to the auction?” I said No. I was with RCB, who was always by my side,” Kohli said.

“Are there franchises who do not want Kohli?” In response, Uthappa expressed surprise that some franchises didn’t care about Kohli’s arrival. At the time, they flatly refused my request. Good,’ said Kohli with a smile. RBC star Kohli has scored 220 runs at IPL-2023 in his five games played so far. His highest score was 82 not out.


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