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Tendulkar says ODI Cricket Favors Batters too Much, Imbalance must be Checked

Tendulkar says ODI Cricket Favors Batters too Much, Imbalance must be Checked

Sachin Tendulkar pointed out on Friday that ODI cricket favours batters too much & the imbalance must be checked into, he also said that test cricket must be played on all kinds of pitches to keep the fans interested. He said, “You blink and the match is over. I feel all three formats are different but somewhere I feel the one-day format (is something that) people need to look closely at. I feel there is an imbalance between the bat and the ball. It is too much at this point in time in favor of the batters”.

There is already much debate & question on the justification & objectivity of playing long format cricket like ODI in the times of bang-on & quick formats like T20. Under such scenarios, a statement from an icon like Cricket might make

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a difference in how the game is seen.

Sachin also said, that currently, bowlers don’t have much advantage because due to the current set of rules & which makes it a batters game that must definitely be considered. He feels that batters have a lot of freedom without being adequately challenged. Read Also: DC vs KKR Match Gets Better With Tim Cook’s Presence at the Stadium

“Give some advantage to the bowlers as well – I find that element missing right now. Also with the introduction of five fielders in the ring, I spoke with some spinners and the overall experience is that ‘we cannot change our line’. He also recalled he made earlier of dividing one-day Cricket into four innings of 25 overs each, that such a change would provide equal opportunity to both the teams & it will be a fair fight.”

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