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SRK calls Rinku Singh and offers his Dance at Rinku’s wedding

SRK calls Rinku Singh and offers his Dance at Rinku’s wedding

KKR hitter Rinku Singh wowed everyone with a spectacular play against the Gujarat Titans. He hit a stunning five straight sixes and he led KKR to victory when all hope seemed lost. This prompted KKR co-owner Shah Rukh Khan to make a special tweet dedicated to him. Rinku also revealed that Shahrukh called him after the game and said something that made the hitters jump for joy.

Shahrukh Special Appeal to Rinku

Rinku recently shared an interesting anecdote about his conversation with team co-owner Shah Rukh Khan. According to Rinku Singh, some days after his brilliant innings, Shah Rukh Khan called him to praise him. During the call, the Bollywood superstar joked about how people ask him to perform at their weddings, but he usually declined.

However, Shah Rukh Khan promised to dance at the wedding Singh shared this funny incident in an interview with Jio Cinemas, the official digital broadcaster of IPL 2023. This shows the friendly and down-to-earth nature of the KKR co-owners.

“Then I got a call from Sir (Shah Rukh Khan). he spoke about my marriage. SRK said people are calling me about the wedding but I’m not going. Mein teri shaadi mein aunga naachne (I’m going to dance at your wedding),” Rinku Singh said to him. said during screen time at Jio Cinema. Read

Shahrukh praises Rinku Singh on his Twitter

Shahrukh took to his Twitter to praise the excellent performance of his KKR hitter Rinku Singh in Gujarat’s game against the Titans. Re-imagining Rinku as a pattern, the actor tweeted “JHOME JO RINKUUUU!!!” and acknowledged Nitish Rana and Venkatesh Iyer on their performances. Rinku Singh responded quickly and thanked Shah Rukh Khan for his continued support. The KKR co-owner is an avid supporter of the team, and his presence at the stadium has always been the center of attention. 


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