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Reason for Virat’s stand-in Captaincy for RCB in place of Faf du Plessis

Reason for Virat’s stand-in Captaincy for RCB in place of Faf du Plessis

Royal Challenger’s Bangalore commander Faf du Plessis won’t be contending for his side during the IPL 2023 clash against Punjab lords, with former commander Virat Kohli leading the lines for the Bangalore- grounded outfit. The South African star, who picked up an injury during the game against Chennai Super Kings, is still the team for his side. He got replaced by the Impact player in the bowling innings. RCB commander Faf du Plessis picked up an injury during his innings against Chennai Super Kings in the former hassle at the Chinnaswamy. Read Also: Manchester City enters in Semi-final for 3rd successive Champions League Semi-finals

Faf, the star top-order batter still hasn’t recovered from his issue and won’t be suitable to address for the Bangalore- side in their game against Kings Xl Punjab.

Stand-in skipper Virat Kohli, who’s leading the side for the first time since relinquishing the captaincy in 2021, revealed Faf du Plessis‘ situation at the toss. “Youthful leader V. Vijay Kumar will replace the injured RCB batter in the alternate innings of the match. Faf possibly cannot be competing at the moment, so Faf will be playing as an impact player, substituting for Vyshak. We got to do what we wanted. We’d have maundered first, the pitch could get slow, and some scruff marks will help the bowlers going deep into the game. Taking one game at a time, riveting on our own game, make the utmost of crunch situations. We have not done that so far in the event,” Kohli said at the toss time.


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