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Odisha FC wins Hero Super Cup 2023 for the first time in club history

Odisha FC wins Hero Super Cup 2023 for the first time in club history

Odisha FC became titleholders after beating Bengaluru FC 2- 1 in the 2023 Hero Super Cup final. Odisha FC started the game in the lead and constantly dragooned the BFC half. Diego Mauricio continued his good form with a free kick in the 23rd nanosecond. The campaigns doubled their lead in the 37th nanosecond when Diego scored his alternate thing of the night. The action started with an impeccably timed cross from Victor Rodriguez, which had veered off Jerry’s title before Diego set up the net.

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Odisha went into half-time with a comfortable 2- 0 lead. Odisha continued the game with no real trouble from Bengaluru. The Blues rescued a thing from a Sunil Chhetri penalty in the 85th nanoseconds, but in the end, it was just a consolation thing.

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The eventual title holders went unbeaten throughout the event and became title holders of the Hero Super Cup 2023. Odisha FC in particular, Indian main- trainer Clifford Miranda trained them. This is the first-ever jewel for Odisha FC in the Men’s order since the platoon started in 2019.

Odisha FC will now play a qualifier against Gokulam Kerala FC On 29th April. The winner qualifies to represent India in Asia by playing in the AFC Cup 2023- 24.

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