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Lionel Messi Back in PSG Training After Apology & Lifted Suspension

Lionel Messi Back in PSG Training After Apology & Lifted Suspension

After being put under suspension for 2 weeks Lionel Messi is back with Paris-Saint Germain or PSG. The Football legend was placed under suspension by the club’s management. The sanction was placed on him after he missed his training session due to his pre-existing commitment to Saudi Tourist Board.

Messi’s absence was surprising for his teammates after the humbling defeat against Lorient 24 hours earlier. The team at PSG was given a day off following the victory, but Messi was pictured back at his training camp. His public apology was satisfying enough for PSG bosses & his suspension was ended prematurely. Read Also: Mumbai

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Messi broke his silence to satisfy his bosses at PSG with a public apology, on Friday evening, posting a video across his social media channels.

“I thought we had a day off after the game. I had organized this trip and I could not cancel it. I had canceled it before.”
“I apologize to my teammates and I am waiting for what the club wants to do with me.”

In the short-term analysis it seemed like Messi would stay at PSG but now has become a certainty that the football legend will be leaving the French football club. His old club is looking for a chance to renew their deal with Messi but their financial prospects make it like a difficult deal to go through.

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