James Harden plans a reunion with the Rockets again

James Harden plans a reunion with the Rockets again

It simply may be, with Harden, 33, reportedly “seriously considering” a comeback to Houston if he turns down an opportunity from the 76ers, as per a leading sports channel reporter.

Harden, forced his resolution of Houston 2 seasons past in an exceedingly deal that sent him to the Nets. As per the reports, He is considering the Rockets in recent months at the side of his inner circle. The Rockets, who are 9-23, have fallen into a reconstruct since commerce Harden.

The Sixers, meanwhile, had won seven straight games heading into Sunday’s clash with the Knicks at Madison sq. Garden. If Philadelphia, which entered Sunday in fifth place within the East, makes a deep contest run, it may impact his thinking.

Harden appeared unaware of the leading sports channel report before the game. He got peckish once asked concerning it, according to the Philadelphia inquirer.

“Why would you solicit from me that on Christmas, man?” Harden told the Inquirer. “You didn’t wish Merry Christmas or so. You asked me about one thing that I am not even. I’m not answering. I didn’t see anything.”

Harden arrived on Sunday averaging 21.4 points and 10.9 assists in seventeen games this season including a player choice for next season on a two-year, $68.6 million deal.

According to a leading sports channel, Harden enjoyed the approach to life and community in Houston and will select that familiarity over going for a championship with the Sixers or another contender. The 10-time All-Star’s relationships with Sixers coach Doc Rivers and star center Joel Embiid are delineated as a “work in progress.”

Harden spent eight full seasons with the Rockets. He was leading them for the Western Conference Finals and winning the 2017-18 player Award moreover as 3 marking titles. He was listed to the Sixers for mountain Simmons in February. Also Read: Ashwin and Iyer make a safe test series win with Bangladesh

A reunion would place him with quite a totally different team than he left — one whose young talent includes Jalen Green, Jabari Smith, Kevin Porter younger and doubtless another high-end talent from this season’s draft. It simply may be what he wants, though.


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