Iranian cops detain top footballers at ‘mixed party’ on New Year

Iranian cops detain top footballers at ‘mixed party’ on New Year

Iranian cops on Sunday detained several footballers at a New Year’s party for breaking the law and arrested top of them.

According to reports, Men and women allegedly mingled at the party, and alcohol was served in violation of an Islamic ban. However, they were released later.

It was not specified how many players were held.

Islamic law in Iran prohibits mixing men and women outside of marriage and drinking alcohol. Iranian law allows non-Muslims to consume alcohol only for religious purposes. Dancing with the opposite sex is prohibited.

Social restrictions are one of the issues that has fueled mass unrest in recent months. Iran has been rocked by weeks of protests spreading across the country following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, on Sept. 16. Iranian officials said their primary inquiry determined she had died of natural causes due to her chronic illness, but her family claims she was beaten.

Protests against clerical establishment have grown into a widespread movement to challenge the theocracy that has ruled Iran since 1979. Iranian officials say hundreds have been killed in the unrest, including members of the security forces, and thousands have been arrested.

Iran last month executed two men convicted of attacking security forces in connection with protests.

Here, it’s pertinent to write that the Iran national team footballers also showed their solidarity with protestors during the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. They hadn’t sung their national anthem before their opening match at the tournament. Their such action had gone viral.

In response, many current and former football players, other athletes and celebrities have been arrested or questioned by authorities after expressing support for the protests. 

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