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Harmanpreet accusation confirmed in viral video as post-match act forces BAN team away from photograph session

Harmanpreet accusation confirmed in viral video as post-match act forces BAN team away from photograph session

India Team Captain has been seen on camera ridiculing the Bangladesh team, confirming the accusations levelled against her.

The discussion was expected to revolve around the thrilling series where Bangladesh held India to a 1 1 draw, in the ODI matches.

However all attention quickly shifted towards Harmanpreet Kaur and her actions during the final game.

Not did she passionately knock down the stumps after being dismissed and question the quality of umpiring. In a recently discovered video she can be seen mocking the Bangladesh team thus confirming the allegations, against her.

Harmanpreet was really upset, after getting dismissed in the 34th over of the chase when Nahida Akter caught the ball at slip.

Not happy with the umpires decision she angrily hit the stumps with her bat. Even had an argument with the umpire while leaving.

Harmanpreet expressed his disappointment

This was the time in match that India felt let down by a decision made by an, on field umpire.

After the game kaur expressed his disappointment, with the umpires stating;

“There’s a lot to take away, from this match. Besides the cricket itself we were quite taken aback by the quality of umpiring. If we come to Bangladesh again in the future we’ll need to be prepared for this kind of officiating and adjust accordingly.”

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But while players have sometimes been vocal about disagreements made over umpire’s call

The incident left cricket fans shocked was Harmanpreet’s post-match act which forced the Bangladesh players to boycott the joint photograph session.

After the series ended in a tie and the trophy was shared between India- Bangladesh there was a photo session, for the players, at the match presentation.

However, Video has gone viral on the internet where Harmanpreet can be seen calling the umpires to join in when the trophy was being handed to both captains.

Her action seemed to imply that they played a role in helping the home team level the series. Which supports the accusations made by Bangladesh players after the match.

In that video Harmanpreet can also be seen clapping during the photo session seemingly targeting the home team. Captain Nigar Sultana appeared furious as she left with her team from that area.

“It is totally her problem. I have nothing to do with it. As a player, she could have shown better manners. I can’t tell you what happened, but it didn’t feel right to be there [for the photograph] with my team. It wasn’t the right environment. That’s why we went back. Cricket is a game of discipline and respect,” Nigar said.

About the umpiring, she said,

“The umpires wouldn’t give her out if she wasn’t out. We had umpires from men’s international cricket, so they were good umpires. What are they [India] going to say about the caught or run-out dismissals [of which there were six excluding the Harmanpreet and Meghna wickets]? We have respected their decisions. The umpire’s decision is the final decision, whether I like it or not. Why didn’t we behave in that way [like the India players]?”

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