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FIFA Women's WC 2023: Who's in the tournament's best team?

FIFA Women’s World Cup: Who’s in the tournament’s best team?

The inaugural FIFA World Cup title was secured by the Spanish women’s football team as they emerged victorious over England in the final match.

Exhibiting a commanding display, the Spanish women’s football squad clinched their first-ever FIFA World Cup championship by outplaying England. In the grand finale, La Roja triumphed over the Lionesses, with Spanish captain Olga Carmona netting the decisive goal. Alongside Spain, Sweden, England, and Australia showcased exceptional performances at this year’s premier tournament.

Within this piece, we examine the optimal combined lineup comprising standout players from the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

There’s little room for argument regarding this position. English goalkeeper and recipient of the Golden Glove award, Mary Earps, is a natural choice for any global team. The Manchester United standout secured three clean sheets out of seven matches during the FIFA World Cup.

Teaming up with Amanda in the central

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defensive role is Alex Greenwood from England. Among all the players in the competition, the English footballer successfully completed the highest number of passes, totaling 568. When it comes to offensive strategies, Greenwood displayed impressive skills. She secured the third spot in the World Cup’s rankings for creating the most opportunities, with a count of 13.

The Spanish captain, Olga Carmona, is best positioned as the left-back. She played a crucial role by netting two match-winning goals in both the semi-final and final matches, leading her team to their historic victory in the FIFA<a href=”#”> Women</a>’s World Cup for the first time. Read Also: Asia Cup 2023 India squad

While the name Risa Shimizu might catch some off guard, the Japanese player’s skill in making overlapping runs and maintaining a solid defensive presence have secured her a place in this distinguished lineup.

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