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FIBA disallows Russia’s participation in the Paris Olympics 2024

FIBA disallows Russia’s participation in the Paris Olympics 2024

FIBA has released a statement on its stand, on disallowing Russia to participate in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. The basketball organization has banned Russia from participating in the 2024 Olympics for allegedly inciting war with Ukraine. It is confirmed that Russia’s participation in the

upcoming Paris Olympics will not be there.

With this latest development, it is clear that FIBA ​​will not allow Russia to participate in the qualifiers to

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determine the finalists for the next Olympics.

Right now, Russia is the top-ranked team in its group, and FIBA decided to cede that position to Bulgaria.  Last year Russia had banned from the World Cup by FIFA for the same reason.

The last time Russia sent a basketball team to the Olympics was in London in 2012. The men’s team won the bronze medal and the women’s team finished fourth. Athletes from these countries cannot participate in team sports. But the IOC has drafted a plan to create a way for individual athletes from Russia and Belarus to compete under the banner of neutrality.

The 2024 Summer Olympics will start next July.

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