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Comparison between 3 types of Cricket balls -SG, Kookaburra, and Duke

Comparison between 3 types of Cricket balls -SG, Kookaburra and Duke

Test cricket is an interesting form of sport not only for its intensity but also for the way it is played. Cricket starts with the ball. When the bowler throws, the batter reacts. Three balls are permitted by law that can be used to play in Test matches – Duke ball, SG ball, and Kookaburra ball. Duke is used in England and the West Indies while India uses his SG cricket ball.

Kookaburra balls are utmost regularly used in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe. 

Factor-based difference between these types of 3 balls

Sew: The Duke and SG cricket balls are hand sewn, while the Kookaburra is half hand sewn and half machine sewn. Hand-stitched creates a unique seam and because the threads are closer together, it lasts longer than kookaburra, which has two rows of machine stitches on the outside and two rows of hand-stitched on the inside.

Seams: Duke Ball is held in place by his six rows that run back and forth across the joint. This keeps the ball together longer and keeps the ball’s shape intact. The seams of the SG ball are sewn with thicker thread, making it stronger than other balls. Kookaburra, on the other hand, has two hand-stitched threads that hold the two halves of the ball together. The outer rows are stitched to provide good support for bowlers.

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Game conditions: The type and conditions of the pitch also play a large role in the use of the cricket ball. England generally has cloudy conditions and green pitches, which contribute to the stability and shape of the seam of the ball. On the other hand, India’s condition is bad and the pitch is easy to collapse.

Therefore, SG balls are a good choice as the thicker threads keep the ball in place. The ball loses its shape quickly, but the Kookaburra is well suited to the bouncy conditions of Australia and South Africa. Many players prefer the Duke ball in test cricket as it tends to help the bowler which helps maintain the balance of the bat and ball. We have received complaints. In a recently completed series of tests between India and England, Virat Kohli and R. Ashwin were not satisfied with the quality of the balls used. The World Test Championship (WTC) final between India and New Zealand was played at the BSI Grade 1 Duke Ball. These balls have been used in Test and County cricket in England since 2012. 


October 2023