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Achraf Hakimi’s wife will not get half of his fortune upon divorce, As per reports

Achraf Hakimi’s wife will not get half of his fortune upon divorce, As per reports

Hiba Abouk, the ex-wife of Moroccan soccer player Achraf Hakimi, has not been able to claim half of his fortune.

According to the Spanish daily Marca because she reportedly has no assets or money to her name.

Abouk claimed half of Hakimi’s fortune and fortune during their divorce proceedings but was informed that his mother owns everything and is even a beneficiary of his salary. Widespread Spanish sports newspaper Marca said that Hiba Abouk suffered an “unexpected setback” in her divorce from Achraf Hakimi, which the media outlet called “the most famous split this year”, noting that the former wife “did it not doing will get a share of her ex-husband’s wealth. Read Also: BCCI person clarifies of no-participation of any top Indian player in Saudi’s richest Cricket League

The same source pointed out that although Hakimi is one of the highest-paid football players in the French league, none of this wealth is registered in his name as the beneficiary of his salary and inheritance is his mother.

The sports daily confirmed that a few years ago, Hakimi’s mother received his salary in his place, meaning more than a million euros that the Moroccan international receives monthly from the

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French team Paris Saint-Germain, which goes straight into his mother’s bank account.

Although the news caused a stir in Spain, France, and Morocco, it is also known that Abouk is unable to support any part of her ex-husband’s fortune as she is also a well-known figure. reports Marca.

The Irish Daily Benchwarmers, which follows celebrity sports news, said Abouk obtained this information from the court with jurisdiction to conclude divorce proceedings. She found nothing that Hakimi had. “No property at all, cars, houses, jewellery or even… own clothes. If he wants something, he asks his mother, who buys it for him.”  

On the 27th of March, the Tunisian actress announced her split from Hakimi, trying to confirm through a statement that “the decision to separate was agreed between them a long time ago,” She also denied his connection to a 24-year-old girl rape case.


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