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5 IPL Franchisees to acquire the Women’s IPL teams

5 IPL Franchisees to acquire the Women’s IPL teams

A day when the BCCI invited bids to possess and operate IPL teams within the inaugural 5-team Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPL), this March. 5 of the 10 IPL franchises confirmed to TOI. They are “very excited” about purchasing a team in the league.

Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, urban center Capitals, metropolis Knight Riders, and Punjab

Kings are all fascinated. Due to the investment in each team in WIPL.

CSK has already started the tactic of shopping for the ITT document.

“We’ve applied to buy for the bid document. Currently, we tend to get to verify its economic science of it. We tend to be interested. If CSK doesn’t have a women’s team, it’s going to not look good. We’d favor promoting women’s cricket,” CSK business executive Kashi Viswanathan told TOI.

Massive crowds for the India-Oz T20 series triggered interest

“We are selecting the bid document,” confirmed Rajasthan Royals chairman Ranjit Bar

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According to a supply, the BCCI has not set a base value for obtaining a team. “It seems BCCI has not unbroken a base value to buy for a team in WIPL. That might be a wise decision. If you keep a high base price, you’ll scare potential investors,” a supplier told TOI.

“I assume most are wise enough to not need to lose money. they will not mind some losses, but not serious losses. If the lowest price is, say Rs four hundred crores, teams would lose Rs. 50-80 crores per year, which I cannot imagine anyone having the appetence for that,” a source stated.

What seems to possess triggered the interest of the IPL franchisees and potential investors in WIPL is the giant turnout in the metropolis for the India-Australia T20I series in Dec — a record 47,000 fans turned up for the second game at the DY Patil arena in Navi Mumbai.

In addition, the inaugural federal agency Women’s Under-19 tourney, which might set out on Jan 14, followed by the Women’s T20 tournament in February. which will build fans’ appetite for quality women’s cricket, besides providing teams with many players to settle on from.

The gap season of WIPL is perhaps reaching to try within the primary week of March. it’s going to

have five groups and can begin before IPL kicks off.

There’s a likelihood that the entire league goes to compete in Mumbai, which has three foremost

grounds — Wankhede sports stadium, DY Patil Stadium, and Brabourne Stadium.

However, this may not be confirmed.

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